Ambassador Dr. Sharon Edmond
SAGE Ministries, Inc.
Crown Ministries International, The Ministry of Metamorphosis Inc.
The Incubator
TCOD International, Inc.
SAGE TV Network

Ambassador Dr. Sharon Edmond’s life began when she was eight. That’s when she marks the birth of her journey to become the spiritual authority of a healing and deliverance ministry sought after nationwide and broadcast as far.
She is the Chief Senior Prelate of True Churches of Deliverance International, Inc., the Elite First Lady of Crown Ministries International, the Senior Prelate of the Incubator in Miami, FL, the CEO of SAGE Place, Inc, (a mobile ministry broadcast across the globe) and the owner of SAGE TV Network. She has a weekly television telecast, “The Ministry of Prophetic Promise and Apostolic Awareness”, which airs every Sunday morning at 5:30 a.m. EST on the Word Network.  Through each, Edmond teaches and preaches, and shares her gifts of healing and deliverance on the afflicted, diseased and bound. Once known as “the cancer and AIDS killer,” Edmond’s healing hands extol the gift to perform miracles, signs and wonders that span a spectrum from expelling demons to postponing death.
Edmond was raised on a Hobgood, NC farm, the fifth of 12 children born to Accie and the late Evelyn Griffin. Edmond moved to Virginia in 1994 as an evangelist. Like, Jesus, she opened the doors of her first church there at 30. She married Apostle George Edmond, Sr. and had a “miracle baby,” George Edmond, Jr. Raleigh, North Carolina became home to Crown Ministries True Church of Deliverance International, Inc., where her husband, Apostle George Edmond, Sr. is the Senior Prelate and she is the Elite First Lady and Chief Apostle.
Edmond’s accomplishments are lauded. She won the 2007 National Honor Healing and Deliverance Award at the Theologian Award Honors in Houston, TX; September 30th is proclaimed Sharon Edmond Day in Rocky Mount, NC; and she is affirmed the Ambassador over TCOD (True Churches of Deliverance) International Ministries. As a student of theology and divinity, Edmond won awards in both Christian Ethics and Theology. She also is an author, former restaurant owner, a boutique and salon owner, NC notary and an educator who has birthed successful Christian Schools  for ages K-12,  and schools for  Prophets, Bible Studies, Spiritual Mentorship and Young Christians.